8" Car Super Bass Engine Active Sub woofer Built-in Class D Amplifier


8" Car Super Bass Engine Active Sub woofer Built-in Class D Amplifier

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8" Car Super Bass Engine Active Subwoofer Built-in Class D Amplifier
Installtion fee RM80

3 month warranty

Are you an enthusiast in car audio systems? Make no compromise with your own vehicle! Introducing to you today is a product of USA - the Super Slim Active Subwoofer by DB Pro Audio.
Produces synergic and brilliant audio, this is definitely an essential component in the car. Unlike other products in the market, this subwoofer has a completely solid and compact construction that ensures bass response is so powerful and will complement any upgraded factory audio system. It is designed with an aluminium enclosure for high-durability. Proportioned to fit any car, the unit can be installed either under the seat, in the boot area or simply have it tucked behind or under a panel in your car.
While the usual ones come with normal amplifier, this one here over shines the rest with a built-in Class D amplifier. The class D amp is a digital amplifier using width modulation to switch power on and off millions of times a second to re-create the waveform being amplified. This means drastic power savings and 99% efficiency with almost no distortion. Accentuated with a Remote Bass Controller, merely tweak the levels with the controller, for utter control of your audio system. the item is made of tip-top components to ensure long-lasting usage.
It's our immaculate pleasure to introduce you to this brimming in quality subwoofer that boasts Hi-Fidelity Audiophile System. Even you'd be startled with the new feel of your cars, producing strong bass without even being seen.
Crank your cars with an attitude with the latest DB Pro Audio Super Slim Active Subwoofer!
Any car that is space-challenged
Ergonomic and Durable
Bass Remote Controller
Notoriously control the audio system in your vehicle; just tweak the levels with the remote bass controller.
Class D Amplifier 
Installed with the USA made, DB Pro Audio System this item can handle even the toughest grit!
Hi-Fidelity Audiophile Quality
Amazing bass output for a product that slim and compact. Tuck this item almost anywhere in the car, and still feel ultimate audio power!
Technical Specifications: -
Built-in Class D Amplifier
MOSFET Power Supply
Specification :
RMS output at 14.4V : 300w 4 Ohm
THD : <0.4%
Signal to noise ration : >90dB
Bass Boost : 0 to + 12dB
Fuse Rating : 25A
Subsonic filter : 20Hz
RCA input 82mV
Speaker input 0.8V
Thermal Protection
Full range / Low pass 20 Hz - 500 Hz
Super-compact bass enclosure
Excellent bass response
Size: 346x262x67 mm
Weight (including accessories): 4.5kg
Source Voltage: 14.4V (10-16V)
Package Content: -
1x 10inch dB Pro Audio Super Bass Engine Active Subwoofer
1x Wired Remote Bass Controller
1x English User Manua
Universal Size, All Car Can Fit Install

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